Our Alaska Faves, Captured!

I’ve been trying to think about an Alaska Top 10  list of what we’ve learned and loved in the last 2 months, but it’s really difficult as every town and experience is different and special in its own way. But here’s my attempt, for what it’s worth! But I’ve loved it all…

The BAMF loves Alaska too!

The BAMF loves Alaska too!

This is still one of my favorite pics. It makes me happy looking at it!

This is still one of my favorite pics. It makes me happy looking at it!




Best Place to LIVE: Seward – because it has the most to offer year round (hiking, restaurants, brewery, services, mountains/sea, proximity to skiing and to Anchorage airport, etc) without the summer tourist hordes

Best Place to VISIT: Denali (simply a must for visitors), and Valdez/McCarthy for a true Alaskan experience. Or just head to Hyder!

Favorite Unique Experience: Ice climbing a glacier in McCarthy! (flightseeing in Denali and landing on a glacier was pretty badass too)

Most Scenic Drive: the road into Valdez. Simply STUNNING. Runner up: the Glacier Hwy to Stewart/Hyder.

Best Beer/Brewery: Broken Tooth (Anchorage), although our favorite of the whole trip is still Lone Peak in Big Sky, MT!

Best Meal(s): Chinooks (Seward), 229 Parks (Denali)

Best Bar with Character: Double Musky Inn (Girdwood); Runner up: the Lynx (Denali) – best bartenders!

Favorite Hot Spring: Chena hot springs (Chena) – great place to spend a whole weekend & hang out

Most Touristy: Skagway and Denali (runner up: the Homer Spit)

Best Place to View Wildlife: Yellowstone (seriously) or Canada – where is the wildlife in Alaska (other than bald eagles)?!

Seeing Mt McKinley was definitely a treat!

Seeing Mt McKinley was definitely a treat!

Rain or shine, the views in Alaska just don't ever get old

Rain or shine, the views in Alaska just don’t ever get old

When we return to Alaska, we’ll hit Kodiak Island, Katmai National Park, and some of the Inside Passage islands (Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, etc). And chase those elusive Northern Lights (with Annie in Fairbanks)!

Meantime, we have new friends to visit in Whidbey, Scotland, and Switzerland! (and Rex/Geri – I can’t remember where to stalk you!) 🙂

I truly love Alaska. It’s a very special place! Sad to leave…



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  1. YAY!! We saw lights last night! They were faint, but they were there! Happy to take you out with us when you do return. It’s been fun to follow along on your journey and see so much of this wonderful place I get to call home! I hope our paths cross again some day! Until then, safe travels!


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