Alaska or Bust 2015


Welcome to my new “180 day road trip” blog. I will do my best over the next 6 months to entertain you with stories of our adventures, mishaps, discoveries, and new friends as we trek our way from California to Alaska in the beast (aka bad ass Jeep) that will be our home.


I have no doubt there will be plenty to tell! I expect to come home with a whole new set of skills, like how to pee standing up, clean my own fish, and stay upwind of grizzly bears. I’m sure that will come in handy in my next job interview!

Yes, mom, I really am homeless and unemployed, and I’m ecstatic about it! Time to get off the beaten path, off the grid, and off the calendar and see all that is magnificent about this country and our National Parks.

Please keep in touch. I will miss you all. Stay tuned…