We’re baaaaaack!!

It’s hard to believe 6 months have (almost) passed since we hit the road on April 1st. Proof that time does fly when you’re having fun!

The BAMF...posing!

The BAMF…posing!

I have to say, the freedom of not having a schedule is pretty darn awesome. And no alarm in the mornings! I’ve never slept better. If you get a chance, do it!

Lessons learned along the way (my $.02):

  1. I really don’t need a lot of stuff (although I did miss my shoes), but experiences are worth so much more
  2. It’s not where you go, but who you’re with – and Martin is seriously the best partner ever!
  3. Proper gear is critical – Mother Nature can be very temperamental, so be prepared!
  4. There is an amazingly large population of people making travel a lifestyle – it’s so cool to share that bond and experience and make new friends
  5. It’s not cheap to be vagabond – more $ than we thought. I have a lot of advice re: budgeting for this lifestyle for anyone who’s interested!
  6. Privacy is overrated (it wasn’t that bad), but a little more space would be nice…
  7. That being said, I do LOVE the BAMF! Best. Purchase. Ever.

On this side of it, I wouldn’t change a thing. The trip was inspiring, enlightening, and rewarding for me in so many ways. It makes me want to keep going and see more, more, more. I can’t wait for the next adventure! South America…?

101 coastal views along southern Oregon.

101 coastal views along southern Oregon.

But until then, I look forward to catching up with friends and family and re-engaging in the real world. Catch me up on all the gossip, please!

Blog feedback: this was my first attempt at a travel blog and I hope to create more in the future. I’d love to know any/all feedback re: what you liked & didn’t like about the content, format, accessibility, photos, engagement, etc. I welcome your thoughts. It’ll make my next blog so much better!

Thank you for following this crazy journey with us… xoxo

iPhone vs Android: Camera Truths

Totally random observation!

I HATE to write this because my life is mostly Apple products and I’ve always been an Apple fan, but I have been, for the past 7 weeks, constantly comparing my Apple (iPhone 6) photos to Martin’s Android (Samsung Galaxy S5) photos, and his 16 megapixels kick my ass every time in terms of image clarity, depth, color.

If I want to use the phone as my primary camera (which I would love to do), then Apple ain’t cutting it, baby. But how painful is the switch?

P.S. My iCloud also hasn’t been updated since I left because I haven’t had enough time connected to WIFI. Hello – I’m traveling!

I’m quickly losing my love for Apple. 🙁


The BAMF on Airbnb

So I’ve been thinking…(our Bay Area friends will appreciate this given the crazy real estate market there)…I think we need to list the BAMF on Airbnb when we get back. I mean, we stayed in a houseboat not that much larger!image

We get comments on the BAMF (our nickname for our bad-ass fully customized Jeep) literally everywhere we go. It’s unique and cool, right? So let’s examine the real estate value…

The BAMF - a unique camping & living experience only for the adventurous...

The BAMF – a unique camping & living experience only for the adventurous…

  1. Every room has a view (depending on where you park it!)

    The view - the view!

    The view – the view!

  2. The “2nd floor” bedroom is roomy enough for 2 and it’s airy, well-lit, with optional black-out shade

    Watching TV in bed - no luxury spared!

    Watching TV in bed – no luxury spared!

  3. It has a quaint but fully functional kitchen with a 2 burner propane stove and refrigerator/freezer (plus a large awning to keep the chef focused and protected from environmental influences)
    Kitchen inspires creativity!

    Kitchen inspires creativity!

    Dual awning system serves many purposes and created a unique living experience

    Dual awning system serves many purposes and creates a unique living experience

  4. There is limited counter space but lots of storage for pantry items
  5. Ample power outlets to charge every electronic under the sun (even in the bedroom)
  6. It has an extensible, cozy, enclosed living room for warm and/or rainy nights

    Extensible, enclosed living room is cozy for 2!

    Extensible, enclosed living room is cozy for 2!

  7. Auxilliary solar lighting and shower facilities give you a consistent 105 degree shower
  8. And for those rainy nights, the home is equipped with a 7″, in-dash DVD player to watch your favorite movies, using limited power via the dual-battery system
Added bonus: natural, environmentally friendly clothes dryer!

Added bonus: natural, environmentally friendly clothes dryer!

Whether you just want to cozy up or have a little adventure, you’ll do so in the lap of luxury with plush, supple sheep skin covers. And, for you outdoorsy types, the exterior of the home is wrapped in a subtle snow camoflage to keep you, well, hidden (from the bears, your nosy neighbors, or the paparazzi).

Price has not yet been set, but availability is limited, as we already have South America planned!

So, what do you think – is there a market for the BAMF on Airbnb? We sure love it!! 🙂

What do Jiffy Pop & solar showers have in common?

Answer: they both make me a happy camper! These are my 2 favs of the week…

Jiffy Pop Rocks! You guys remember Jiffy Pop, right? I’m on a mission to make it cool again! This is seriously the best camp snack – buttery, salty, yummy goodness (and fun to pop over the fire). Better than s’mores, IMHO, but I’m more salty than sweet, as most of you can attest! 🙂

Jiffy Pop master: it's all in the wrist! #BAMF2015

Jiffy Pop master: it’s all in the wrist! #BAMF2015

Jiffy Pop done! #BAMF2015

Jiffy Pop done! #BAMF2015

I need to be hired to promote Jiffy Pop – I have 100 campaigns in my head targeted at the world’s campers. Let me at it!

Solar Showers Rule! Another favorite invention: the solar shower. We were lucky enough this week in Canyonlands to have both sunny days and a large campsite with lots of privacy – perfect for the solar shower!

Solar happiness! #BAMF2015

Solar happiness! #BAMF2015

My 'private' shower. Perfection! #BAMF2015

My ‘private’ shower. Perfection! #BAMF2015

We’ve tested 3 different solar showers and our favorite is actually the cheapest ($20 at Sports Basement). It’s better than the $100 pressurized Nemo shower with the foot pump! It works like a charm and heats up quickly. Hang it from a tree (lucky for me, Martin is tall enough to hang it high for me), and you’re golden!

P.S. If you’ve never gotten buck naked outside to shower, try it. It’s liberating! 🙂

What if the world were a campground?

I’ve been in enough campsites now that I am self-declaring myself an expert. And I’ve realized that campers are seriously cool people. Maybe it’s the cameraderie of an adventurous spirit and a love of the outdoors.

Where else on the planet could you leave half your possessions on a picnic table, expensive gear in a tent, and your car unlocked, leave for an all-day hike and return to find everything exactly where you left it? WHERE? The city girl in me still can’t process this phenomenon. There’s an unwritten code of conduct in  campgrounds that doesn’t exist anywhere else. I love it.

Our new BFFs from Capitol Reef. #coolestpeopleever

Our new BFFs from Capitol Reef. #coolestpeopleever

So how do we make the whole world a campground?